Changing Education Paradigms

Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert, discusses how we need to revamp our educational paradigms for the 21st century.

Superwoman Was Already Here

Montessori advocate Trevor Eissler claims that “Superwoman Was Already Here,” and her name was Dr. Maria Montessori.

“The Light in Their Eyes”

Montessori advocate Trevor Eissler illustrates how Montessori creates a special “light in their eyes.”

Superwoman Was Already Here

Have you seen the popular documentaries Waiting for Superman and Race to Nowhere? Both films address the public school system and its perceived shortcomings — one discusses unions and bureaucracies, while the other takes aim at the high-pressure tests/grades/homework culture.

Of course, every large-scale system has its weak and strong points, and its always good to look at ways to improve. Trevor Eissler, a longtime Montessori parent and advocate, has created a series of videos about how the Montessori approach can help solve some of these endemic issues. In one, he asserts that “Superwoman Was Already Here.” Check it out and see if you agree.