Karen Kolb, Executive Director

From the inception of Foothills Montessori School in 2001, Karen’s guiding hand has navigated the day to day operations of the school. Karen possess the ability to see the big picture of keeping FMS on track with it’s overall goals, and at the same time she is able to handle the multitude of details and constant decision making required of her position. Karen holds a MBA in Management and a BS in Accounting. Karen’s touch on the pulse of the school is unparalleled as she matches her dedication and focus with unwavering enthusiasm for Montessori “hands-on learning environment.”

Katie Weddell, Administrative Assistant

In 2005, FMS was fortunate to have Katie come on board not only to manage the front desk and provide invaluable support to the Executive Director, but she also came to FMS with over 10 years nursing experience in a local hospital. Katie holds a BS in Nursing and brings a seasoned eye to the student body as she attends diligently to any medical needs that arise. Having her children attend FMS over the years has been a joy for her as she has watched them grow in “accountability, responsibility and has nurtured their love for learning.”

Kim Gallagher, Assistant Director

Since 2003, Kim has been bringing her unique touch to all events, school wide. Kim’s education in Communication Studies plays out daily as she oversees FMS’s Parent Teacher Organization, FMS’s Student Council and spear heads annual events such as International Children’s Day, FMS Service Day, and Graduation Day for Middle School students. Her even hand and attention to details has proven invaluable to each of the classes reliant upon her to organize and execute long distance field trips for Upper Elementary and Middle School students. Kim is the staff human resource coordinator and can be counted upon for keeping meticulous records. She has a love of travel and for cooking.

Lora Milne, Administrative Assistant

Joining FMS in 2011, Lora brings a dedicated and watchful eye to the management of the front desk. With a teaching background, she understands the school environment and the needs of the student body. Always ready to lend a helping hand, Lora brings a steady and practical touch to all of her encounters. An avid reader, Lora’s favorite feature of the Montessori school environment is to observe “the mutual respect found between students and their teachers.”