Arlene Dreitzer, E1 Language Arts Head Teacher/Reading Specialist

  • From: Brooklyn, New York
  • Years of Teaching Experience: 47; Began teaching in 1967
  • Years at FMS: 10
  • Degrees: BA, MS in education and additional thirty credits towards a PhD
  • Other Qualifications: For the majority of my years in New York, I have worked exclusively with gifted and talented children, initially as a classroom teacher in all subject areas, and then as a specialist in the area of reading and language arts. In addition, I developed a law curriculum which combined reading, writing, history and law using Project Legal Lives and The Constitution Works. For these efforts I received two special honors. In 1994, I was named District 18′s Teacher of the Year, and in 1999, I was the recipient of the Dynamic Woman Award from the New York State Legislature. I retired from the New York public school system in 2002, and began working at Foothills in 2004. What was to be just a one year adventure in a private school has blossomed into a ten year love affair.
  • Thing about Teaching: My favorite aspect of teaching has always been the ability to view the world anew through a child’s eyes. Each child is a unique prism and I really enjoy the time spent with my students.
  • Subjects: Reading, history and etymology.
  • Hobbies: I love crossword puzzles, well-written stories and good music. 
  • Quote: “There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots; the other, wings.” – Cecilia Lasbury

Last year, a student Ms. Arlene taught over 30 years ago in Brooklyn, New York, sent her a letter to express her appreciation. READ MORE

  • What is your goal for 2014? I look forward to graduating another group of students, knowing full well they have their roots and that now they are getting their wings.
  • What inspires you? I am inspired by bravery, innovation and kindness.
Rave Reviews
  • “Arlene is not only an incredible educator, but a remarkable woman. Teaching is in her blood!  She is truly inspiring to adults and student alike, and her passion is contagious to all around her. FMS is blessed to have such a ‘gifted and talented’ teacher on staff and we are fortunate she came out of retirement to join us!” — Karen Kolb, Executive Director
  • “There is so much to say about Ms. Arlene! For me, she has always been a mentor and a guide on my journey as a teacher. She takes the students that I have had for three years to the next level.  She sets the bar high, and our children will met her there! She knows that they are capable and will expect nothing less! I truly admire her in every way!” — Danna Karlavage, E5 Head Teacher
  • “Ms. Arlene is an FMS gem! I have been blessed to know her as a fellow staff member and a parent. She has a magnificent gift in bringing out the best in every child! Her passion for quality literature and the English language is so contagious children can’t help but find themselves hanging on her every word in the midst of a lively discussion. I feel so fortunate to be able to live vicariously through my daughter and experience the language teacher I wish I could have had as a child!” — Nina Jacobi, E3 Head Teacher
  • “Ms. Arlene is a great educator who always makes a difference to every child. Teachers and students together accomplish great things; with this in mind Ms. Arlene’s students will never underestimate their self-worth and their thirst  for knowledge will be unending. She encourages students to always reach for the stars! It is a privilege to have Ms. Arlene here at FMS.” — Ms. Val, Outdoor Classroom Specialist
  • “There could not be a more dedicated and passionate teacher than our Ms. Arlene. As she often says, she’d ‘crawl to school if she had to,’ just to be able to work with our students every day. Even after all of these years of tremendous teaching experience, she still changes up her lessons and finds new ways to reach the children. It is never a surprise to me when she receives letters from alumni, thanking her for the passion she instilled or the knowledge she passed down. Ms. Arlene is a gift, and we treasure her every single day!” — Erica Sherlock, Middle School Head Teacher
  • “Ms. Arlene is an enthusiastic educator who knows how to bring out the best in her students. She has a wonderful rapport with her class, and encourages them to think critically. She has high expectations for all her students, and they rise to the challenge.” — Ms. Joanie, E5 Co-Teacher
  • “Ms. Arlene is a wonderful teacher and always challenges me to do my best. She always makes class enjoyable and she makes me look forward to language class.” — Sofia, Student
  • “Ms. Arlene is a great English teacher and always finds a way to keep all the students focused and excited to learn. She always has the funniest stories to tell and she is great at explaining things,  whether it is reading or etymology she always knows how to make a 45 minute class exciting!” — Erin, Student 
  • “If there was an award for language teacher of the year, Ms. Arlene should be presented with it. Every day I step foot in her class, I am bound to learn something that only an experienced teacher, with a knack for teaching things to stick in the minds of students, could teach. She exposes me to high school work that will give me an advantage over students with any other teacher. And best of all, she gives me the opportunity to read books that will have a lifelong lasting effect on a student and teaches me one of the many lessons of life. In my book, Ms. Arlene will go down as the teacher of a lifetime.” — Logan, Student
  • “Ms. Arlene is a nice teacher who cares so much for her students and treats them always with respect. She is really good at teaching us new lessons and explaining them to us.” — Bella, Student
  • “Ms. Arlene is a great story teller. When ever we have a question, she has a story to go along with it.” — Rochelle, Student
  • “Ms. Arlene makes everyone laugh by  using her wonderful humor skills. What also makes her great is making something boring into something funny and making it enjoyable.” — Alyssa, Student
  • “Ms. Arlene is a hilarious and hard-working teacher who prepares us not only for high school, but life in general. And while we do a lot of work in her class, we share just as much laughs. We all love her for the amazing experiences that we will keep for the rest of our lives.” — Talia, Student
  • “Ms. Arlene is such an amazing teacher. I’m always so excited to go to her class each day because I learn so many things. She always has so many stories to tell us. I’m so grateful to have her as my teacher.” — Nicole, Student