Through the art program, students gain an appreciation for aesthetics, art history, culture and the humanities through a vast variety of media.

An exhibit of student-created work is continually displayed in the office, celebrating all students’ talents and achievements.

  • Primary

    The primary art program is literature-based and incorporates history and language arts. Line, value, shape, texture, symmetry, pattern, dominance, color, proportion, overlap, representation, movement, repetition and rhythm concepts are instilled by experimenting with different tools utilizing several techniques in various mediums.

  • Lower Elementary

    The lower elementary art program is interdisciplinary and includes extensive art history. Students will learn the concepts taught to primary students in addition to those of composition, space, symbolism, vanishing point, horizon, diversity, value, collage, dream style imagery, textile design, anatomy and sculpture.

  • Upper Elementary/Middle School

    The upper elementary and middle school art programs are interdisciplinary and include extensive art history with greater concentration on tools to further develop skill and technique. Emphases are on movement, symbolism, composition, product development, advertising, architecture, graphic design, illustration and collaboration.

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