Summer Fun in Las Vegas

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There is absolutely no excuse for sitting at home and being bored this summer. Put down the video game controller and get outside! Here are some activities and camps around town — from Shakespeare to fencing lessons — that will keep your children active, busy and making friends all summer long!

The Great Technology Debate

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In the April 2013 issue of The Atlantic, author and national correspondent Hannah Rosin takes a long look at The Touch-Screen Generation: the current under-10 set who are just as familiar with Angry Birds as they are Goodnight Moon.

While attending a California conference for developers of children’s apps, a rapidly expanding industry that has some jumping on the “digital education is the future” bandwagon and others longing for less ...

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What We Learned

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FMS Middle School students had a busy year, learning everything from electromagnetism to etymology.

From building (and then knocking down) a periodic table of elements, to re-enacting the WWII D-Day Normandy Invasion, to dissecting cow eyeballs, to traveling the Oregon Trail, to discussing Lord of the Flies and 1984 … the list goes on.


Here is a partial list of the 2012-13 Middle School curriculum and activities:


  • Colonization
  • Road to Independence
  • American Revolution
  • Current events
  • War of 1812
  • Westward Expansion
  • U.S. Geography

Physical Science

  • Matter
  • Periodic Table of ...
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Congratulations Class of 2013!

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We would like to congratulate our eighth grade middle school students who are graduating from Foothills Montessori School and going on to the exciting realm of high school!

Next week they will be honored at a special Graduation Ceremony, where they will give speeches, receive diplomas, celebrate with parents, fellow students and staff, and commemorate their academic achievements.

2013 Foothills Montessori Graduates and their chosen high school:

Helena Ward – Bishop Gorman

Elizabeth Carleton – Bishop Gorman

Javid Habashi – Bishop Gorman

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Loving the Earth

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All throughout the month of April, FMS students learned about the earth’s ecosystems and focused on how to preserve them for future generations.

Primary students learned about “the three Rs” (reduce, reuse and recycle) and sewed cloth napkins so they wouldn’t have to throw away so many paper towels. Elementary students toured Whole Foods to learn about where our food comes from and participated in a variety of upcycling projects like planting herbs in old Chinese food takeout boxes, making natural ...

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