Last year we asked students for their highlights of the school year. This time, our staff members share a few of theirs.

The highlight of my year has been watching the children grow and bloom just like our garden! I am looking forward to the fruits of our labor. I hope the seed of learning has been planted in each child. Valerie DeCrescenzo, Outdoor Classroom Specialist

The highlight of my year has been getting to know all of the lower elementary students as I have helped Ms.Gloria with music. I am looking forward to the third grade field trip! Melissa Martin, E4 Co-Teacher

I am looking forward to taking the entire class on our field trip to the Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary in April and the Discovery Museum in May. It is exciting when everyone is loaded on a bus together and we take an adventure outside of the classroom environment. Brianna Palmer, P1 Co-Teacher

To see an idea sketched out on paper come to life for our first annual World History Day was so rewarding. The children were able to see the timeline of life played out right before their eyes. It was simply beautiful to watch! I am looking forward to our first annual FMS Service Day hosted by our Student Government. We will be providing donation opportunities such as clothes, eye glasses and DVDs to benefit philanthropies throughout the valley. Our students will also have a chance to make thank you cards for our service men and women, create birthday cards for the elderly at the local senior living center and decorate lunch bags for the Ronald McDonald House. It is so exciting to give our students opportunities to serve others! Kim Gallagher, Events Director

The highlight of my year was when I tried to think of my highlight, and realized that I had dozens of them. Teaching middle school at FMS is truly the greatest job on the planet! If I had to choose one, every year the middle school students go on an incredibly eye-opening field trip to Opportunity Village. I am looking forward to our in-depth study and re-enactment of D-Day! Erica Sherlock, E1 Head Teacher

The highlight of my school year has been witnessing the compassion and kindness the middle school students have demonstrated during our community field trips. On our outings this year they have encountered orphaned animals, imagined wounded Civil War soldiers, and interacted with cognitively impaired adults. Every single seventh and eighth grader has shown respect and appreciation for what they are being taught and a caring, empathetic spirit. It has been a pleasure knowing all of them this year. Marian Rusche E1 Support Teacher

My highlight is watching the children get so excited about sharing their completed art projects with me. Their enthusiasm is infectious and always makes  me smile. Angela Drew, Art Specialist

My highlight was a simple Valentine’s Day card from a first grade student. He wrote, “Dear Coach Angela, I hope your love wish comes true, Happy Valentine’s Day.” Angela Warren, Physical Education Specialist/Athletic Director

My highlights have been the synthesis of love while my children embrace me. Also I get very emotional in their role play activities. They are able to establish a conversation in Spanish! Yasnay Figueredo, E3 Support Teacher

My highlight was going to Pali Adventures Camp with the students, in particular watching them overcome the mental challenges of attempting a high ropes course. I was very moved by their courage, as well as their support and encouragement of one another. Joanie Phillips, E5 Co-Teacher

For me, the highlight of the year has been working on our Ocean Unit in February. The kindergartners created an ocean mural that we displayed on one wall of the classroom. We painted, cut out and displayed many plants and animals that live in the ocean. Once we completed it, the kindergartners were able to share their knowledge with the younger students by giving them a ‘tour’ of the mural and teaching lessons about marine life. It was wonderful! Melissa Eckes, P2 Head Teacher

My highlight this year was watching my kindergarten students blossom with their writing skills. I have been very impressed with the high level of thinking and creativity and am very proud of them and all of my students. I am looking forward to our upcoming field trips and of course events such as the Mother’s Day Tea, Spring Performance and Kindergarten Moving Up Ceremony. Kat Klehm, P4 Head Teacher

The highlights of this year for me are when I hear these comments come from my children: “I finished it,” “I did it,” “I can do it,” “I can write my name,” “I can read,” and “I can build the big numbers.” Another exciting highlight this year is the fact that all of the kindergarten children can now read. All of these comments show their joy of learning. I am very proud of these children. Maryam Khadavi, P3 Head teacher

What I love about this year is how well our class gets along with each other. They have developed some deep and lasting friendships across the three grade levels. It doesn’t matter at all what age they are; they play together, eat together and work together so well. We are one happy family! April Dane, E4 Head Teacher

An unforgettable moment this year was at our recent Parent-Child Night. It was such a privilege to watch our eighth grade boys perform their roles in our rendition of the Shakespeare play Julius Caesar. Logan proved to be a magnificent choice for Antony. Keller gave a powerful performance as Cassius, as did Michael, portraying Marcus Brutus. Our Julius Caesar was Ian, who proved to be a superb actor. Their hard work and dedication made our Parent-Child Night so very special. Arlene Dreitzer, E1 Head Language Arts Teacher/Reading Specialist
My highlight was experiencing a three-year-old girl come into the classroom with a smile, her hand extended and saying “good morning” to me. Nancy Crow, P2 Support Teacher