The school year isn’t over, but we sure have had some great times! For more great memories and beautiful pictures, check out Classroom News.

P3 & P4
“The two recesses and typing and reading.” — Nathan
“Everything! Lots of stuff!” — Noah D.
“Spending time with my friends, playing with my friends. I like the button work and painting!” — Makena
“I like the octopuses and seahorses on the wall [we have an ocean mural on our front wall in the classroom], and I like the button work and I also like to spend time with my friends and I like working with Ms. Kat and I like having circle time and recess and doing Practical Life work and painting.” — Isabella C.
“When I sit in your lap, when I saw the ocean, when I saw the fish and when I painted the sea creatures.” — Bella F.


“The most memorable activity I did this year was element week. Ms. Erica spent an entire week with E1 discussing and learning about the elements in a fun manner. We played element games, made a periodic clayble (clay periodic table), and learned about specific elements. Not only did that week make my passion for science grow, it also helped me to understand the elements and that teaching by having fun is much more effective than teaching without smiles.” — Noelani
“My favorite part of this school year would have to be when we went on a field trip to the Techatticup Mine and they let us go inside! The mine was dark, freezing and quite possibly the coolest place I’ve ever been to in my entire life! The guide told stories about murders in the Old West and about the ghosts that were said to haunt the mines; I could have sworn that there was a chill in the air. Although it would’ve been great to go there with my friends or family, it was even better to be there with my schoolmates.” — Keller Maack
“The highlight of minest year thus far was when we gazeth upon a star. A star of coke for those who are plump and sweets that resemble little white lumps. Attached a bag for items needth no more, it shot off and flew like never before.” — CK Tung
“My favorite part of the year was when we got to put our feet in the shoes of the soldiers in the American Revolution with Ms. Erica’s empathy exercises and projects.” — Helena Ward
“My favorite thing about school this year is bead frame. I learned how to do multiplication on the big bead frame. I also like stamp game because I learned how to do challenging problems with subtraction. It’s hard but I can do it!” — Zoe
“My highlight of this school year was a science experiment called Elephant Toothpaste. It was really fun! Caroline and I did it in the middle of circle for everybody. We did it two times. When it came up out of the bottle, we got to touch it. It felt mushy, soft and nice. I hope we do it again, because that was really, really fun!!!” — Neha
“The highlight of my school year so far has been Racks and Tubes. I have loved doing it with my friends. I like Racks and Tubes because I can do long division and I have wondered how to do this for a long time. To me it is an awesome work and that is the highlight of my year.” — Sarah


“The father-daughter dance.” — Ava Freeman

“Pajama Day.” — Himmat Dhillon

“Spirit Week.” — Sarah Chemplavil

“Making crystals.” — Mariah Prasad

“Family potluck at the beginning of the year.” — Arianna Shariff

“Martin Tyner and his birds in the multi-purpose room.” — Cortnee Kelling

“Opposite Day.” — Justine Lyones-Fang

“Gilcrease Orchard field trip.” — Mia Melendez-Alarcon

“Nutcracker Play in the multipurpose room.” — Ava Fagan

“Putting on the Famous American Play for our parents.” — Jordan Blinn

“Giving presents at Christmas to the children.” — Kassie

“Building projects and then sharing them.”
“My favorite highlight was the Anasazi trip to the museum.”
“Reading the book The Sign of the Beaver, and the projects.”
“The awesome math lessons and when we learn about fractions and percentages.”
“I like laughing while learning.”
“My highlight at FMS is science. I really enjoy the fun projects that we get to do.”
“ICD was amazing.”
“Meeting new teachers and friends.”
“I love science and researching my animal.”


“The highlight of this year at FMS was singing and playing instruments at the assemblies.” — Ashlee
“The highlight of the year was getting to make covered wagons with our wagon trains.” — Madison
“The highlight of my year at FMS was going to CIMI. CIMI was soooo fun! My favorite part was when we went kayaking.” — Erin
“All of the days!” — Mackenzie
“My highlight of the year was going to my birthday lunch.” — Emma
“My highlight of the year at FMS was when my class all did “Gangnam Style” to celebrate 12/12/12. It was a 12-minute dance party and I will never forget how Brayden was dancing!” — Nicole
“When I met Jack.” — Zach