Karen Kolb, Executive Director

  • From: Reading, PA
  • Years of Experience: 18
  • Years at FMS: 13
  • Degrees: BS in accounting, MBA in management
  • Other Qualifications: Parent volunteer, PTO, business operations experience, continuing education at FMS
  • Thing about FMS: Enrollment and meeting new families, hugs from the students when I walk through the classrooms
  • Thing about Montessori: Dynamic and evolving teaching environment
  • Hobbies: Aerobics and reading
  • Quote: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” Eleanor Roosevelt
  • What are you looking forward to this year? More parent involvement and community activities.
  • What inspires you? The success of the students and our graduates.
  • Who is your mentor? Leanne Jorgensen, founder of FMS. I’m thankful for the blessings and academic foundation this school has given my son as a result of her ambition and big dreams.

“The most organized and dedicated of professionals. We would be lost without her guidance and her wisdom!”

Erica Sherlock, Middle School Grade Level Head

“Karen is our rock! She is a treasured member of the Foothills Montessori family.” Nina Jacobi, Elementary Grade Level Head

Rave Reviews

The most organized and dedicated of professionals. We would be lost without her guidance and her wisdom! She gives 150%: Late nights, weekends, and all summer long. And to think, we only know the tip of her iceberg. There are so many duties that we aren’t even aware of! – Erica Sherlock, Middle School Grade Level Head

Karen is amazing! She handles so many different components of the school and always has an answer for every question. We love her! – Melissa Eckes, Primary Grade Level Head

Karen is our rock! Somehow she is able to have a million balls in the air simultaneously and yet still be able to attend to everyones’ spontaneous needs. She wears more “hats” than anyone in our school and finds a way to wear each one with style! She is a treasured member of our Foothills Montessori family. — Nina Jacobi, Elementary Grade Level Head

Karen has a tough exterior but is actually a big softie when it comes down to it. Karen and I are complete opposites but we work extremely well together! She has a great sense for business and is calm in the eye of a storm! — Kim Gallagher, Events Director

I have seen Karen in every possible situation one could imagine — and many no one could imagine — in running this school alongside her these 15 years. She has handled every situation with integrity, professionalism and grace. I have walked away from each challenge with her both sighing and laughing as she gets the depth and meaning of things while still being able to laugh at life and this crazy road we are all on together. I think I should take this occasion to let her out of the closet: Everyone thinks she is so tough, but she is a closet mooshball. She has always been the first one to cry tears for someone’s difficult situation, to tear up over something touching or meaningful, and to go behind closed doors to fight for anyone who was struggling. — Leanne Jorgensen, Foothills Montessori School Founder