Loving the Earth

All throughout the month of April, FMS students learned about the earth’s ecosystems and focused on how to preserve them for future generations.

Primary students learned about “the three Rs” (reduce, reuse and recycle) and sewed cloth napkins so they wouldn’t have to throw away so many paper towels. Elementary students toured Whole Foods to learn about where our food comes from and participated in a variety of upcycling projects like planting herbs in old Chinese food takeout boxes, making natural air fresheners from baking soda and essential oils, and using old T-shirts to make headbands and bracelets.


On Earth Day, middle school students helped the primary students in a completely student-directed project that involved planting a basil garden, building a homemade birdbath and making windchimes out of found materials.

We encourage parents to check out storyofstuff.org to learn more about the environmental impact of waste and this Pinterest board for upcycling projects you can do at home.

Finally, seventh grader Kyla Savage wrote a poem about her Earth Day experience. Enjoy!

“On Monday we went to go celebrate

Earth day because our earth is so great

We went to P4 to help them with crafts

We had lots of fun and shared lots of laughs


There were 3 main things we wanted to get done

All earth friendly and all lots of fun

It involved paint, glue, pots, cans, hangers and flowers

We managed to get it done in just under an hour


Wind chimes are what the first group made

They will blow in the wind as the preschoolers play

They were made with recycled materials such as cans, buttons and string

They were a great addition to the garden this spring


The second group planted in the yard of the class

They planted Basil that was next to the grass

Even though the planting made some what of a mess

The preschoolers still loved it and thought it was the best


Making bird baths was also lots of fun

We worked together until the pots were done

We stacked the pots and painted them yellow, orange, pink and blue

These projects were eco friendly and we had a great time too”

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