Middle School


Erica Sherlock: Middle School Grade Level Head, E1 Head Teacher (Math, Science and History)

Having worked in the education field for 7 years, Erica joined the FMS faculty in 2006. Erica holds  a BA in Psychology, an MS in Special Education and a M.Ed in School Counseling. She is also a teacher trainer for Thinking Maps and Write From the Beginning Thinking Maps.  Erica’s passion for creating a classroom environment that is supportive and challenging is the hallmark of her teaching style.  Ever ready to research and find ways to stimulate the learning process, Erica delivers a dynamic curriculum rooted in strong fundamentals. Says Erica: “I love the way the Montessori philosophy lends to independent and critical thinkers who take learning into their own hands.”

Arlene Dreitzer, E1 Head Teacher (Language Arts), Reading Specialist

Since 2004, FMS Middle School students have had the honor of Arlene teaching them the finer points of writing and reading.  Her eye for detail is matched by her enthusiasm for inspiring students to reach deeper into the classic texts to discover more meaning and insights. Holding a BA in Education, Arlene’s education was further expanded when she was awarded a MS in Education.  Having brought over 35 years of teaching experience to her position at FMS, Arlene continued her education by accruing an additional 30 credits above her Master’s degree. She enjoys etymology, history and gardening. Her favorite thing about the Montessori method is the “freedom to facilitate learning.”


Marian Rusche, E1 Support Teacher

With 6 years of prior teaching experience, Marian joined the FMS teaching staff in 2011.  Holding a BA in English and Anthropology; she is also experienced as a writer, editor and professional photographer.  Marian’s quiet and studious approach towards her students gives them a clear pathway for learning.  She combines the best in a teacher who is an active listener and someone skilled in having the student discover the underlying meaning of their activities. Marian observes: “I love the way Montessori encourages children to explore their own interests and in that process, to find that learning is its own reward.”