The primary program is for children ages 3-6 and includes kindergarten. Children still in preschool (3-4 year olds) are welcome to attend for either half of the day (morning or afternoon) or stay for the full day. Kindergarten age children remain the full day.

In the morning, kindergarten students benefit from the multi-age grouping with the younger students while focusing on work appropriate for their developmental stage. In the afternoon, they attend a separate class where they participate in a writer’s workshop, have chapter books read to them, and explore culture and science in greater depth while continuing to work with Montessori materials.

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The Environment

Warm and inviting classrooms where children are treated with respect and multi-age grouping creates a community of happy students who mentor, inspire and learn from one another. Low teacher-to-child ratios ensure each child is guided through the curriculum, receives many individual and small group lessons each day and ultimately achieves his or her academic potential.

The Curriculum

Exposure in the formative years to a broad range of foundational knowledge in culture, geography and science provides “hooks in the brain” for all future learning. Hands-on materials bring abstract concepts to life, helping children to comprehend in a deep and meaningful way. Children experience personal pride and feelings of self-worth associated with working independently and for their own purposes, by following through on their tasks and producing exceptional work. Opportunities are presented for children to choose their own work, to work for uninterrupted time periods and to repeat activities; all of this is essential to the development of self-direction, attention span and concentration.

Beyond the Classroom

An emphasis is placed on community service and helping others. Active instruction in peacemaking, conflict resolution strategies and respect for others promotes sociability. Outdoor classrooms and gardens, field trips and guest speakers enhance the extensive curriculum.

A Typical Day

By Tessa, Kindergarten

8:15 AM: Greeted at the door by Ms. Diana. Hola Tessa!

9:15 AM: Working with a friend on the 100 board.

10:00 AM: Practicing her Spanish with Ms. Jessie.

10:30 AM: Outside with Ms. Valerie. Helping Ms. Valerie with “Delilah the goat.”

12:00: After lunch, playing with friends on the Exploratorium.

1:00 PM: Learning about the planet Venus in circle from Ms. Rosie.

2:30 PM: Listening to Ms. Rosie, read Pippi Longstocking and anxiously waiting to share her telescope with friends in circle.

3:00 PM: Greeted by her mom at pick-up.