Summer Camp Week 2 – Science Week

Welcome to the laboratory where students will conduct multiple experiments using the miracle of nature, better known as the egg. Did you know you can walk on a carton of eggs with the right amount of surface tension and not break them? Let your child see the amazing transformation of an egg from the carton to what it feels like after sitting in a glass of vinegar for a week. Students will explore the concepts of flexibility, shrinking, and even erupting of the egg membranes. Immerse your child in the science of physics and chemistry and activities that are engaging, visually stimulating, and all tied to fundamental science.

The week of science camp will explore colors and how a homemade color wheel can be designed and used to trick the brain into thinking it sees secondary colors when the wheel is spun in motion. Chemical reactions will be engaged in making “elephant toothpaste”, plastic, and determining the density of skittles. All of these activities will give your child the joy of using common kitchen materials in the classroom while witnessing the marvels of nature as fundamental laws of physics and chemistry are explored.