Summer Sessions At Foothills

We invite you to a summer filled with fun, learning and friendship at Foothills Montessori School. Join us for a week or all summer long — each session is packed with exciting, hands-on activities designed to educate and inspire.

Each weekly session is led by our talented staff members and held on our safe, secure and beautiful campus in Henderson, Nevada. Students will learn from crafts, art, games, and other interactive activities as well as from our Montessori materials. Please call Foothills Montessori School at 702-407-0790 to learn more.

Primary is open to ages 3-6 and Elementary is open to ages 6-12. Reserve your spot today!


Students begin the day with Montessori Mornings where they will learn concepts by engaging with the stimulating Montessori materials. The fun continues in the afternoon while students explore our weekly unit through crafts, cooking, hands-on projects and games.

  • Primary Schedule & Tuition


    7:00 Before care

    9-12:00 Montessori work cycle

    12-1:00 Lunch and recess

    1-4:00 Afternoon activities

    4-5:30 After care


    All Ten Sessions (June 16-August 15)
    Full Day (9am-4pm) $2500

    Extended Day (7am-5:30pm) $3000

    Half Day AM (9am-1pm) $1500

    Half Day PM (12pm-4pm) $1500

    Per Weekly Session

    AM (half-day morning) 9:00-1:00 $150

    PM (half-day afternoon) 12:00-4:00 $150

    FD (full-day) 9:00-4:00 $250

    ED (extended day) 7:00-5:30 $300


    Registration Fee $20*

    *Registration fee will be waived if child is enrolled prior to May 1

  • Primary Session Descriptions

    Week 1 (June 9-13): Rainforest Adventure with Ms. Brianna

    Climb the canopy of knowledge as you explore the oldest living ecosystem on Earth. Look into the face of a sloth as it lumbers up a 300 foot tree to eat its breakfast. Meet a frog smaller than a man’s fingernail that is so powerful that touching it can paralyze a person. Over half of the plants and animals on Earth live in a rain forest! The sights and sounds are endless — explore the wonders of this very special place.

    Week 2 (June 16-20): Mysteries of the Five Senses with Ms. Melissa

    Did you know that you can “see” with your hands and that the sense of smell is the fastest pathway to your brain? Embark on a journey of sights, sounds, tastes, smells and touch and explore the beauty of our world as we use our five senses in new and creative ways. Every day will feature all the facets of one sense, leading to a wonderful week of discovery.

    Week 3 (June 23-27): A Bug’s Life with Ms. Melissa

    There are far more insects on Earth than there are humans, and the variety of sizes and colors is mesmerizing! Learn the “waggle dance” that bees do and learn how leaf cutter ants can carry loads several times heavier than their own body weight. Venture into the small but dazzlingly complex world of these amazing creatures and come away with an appreciation for the indispensable bug! 

    Week 4 (June 30-July 3): Holiday-a-Day with Ms. Melissa

    Baking in the heat of long summer days and dreaming of the festive lights of Christmas or the spookiness of Halloween? This action-packed camp will give you the chance to celebrate your favorite holidays all week long. From arts and crafts, to food, to fun and games, you’re in for a treat!

    Week 5 (July 7-11): Goin’ Green with Ms. Brianna

    It’s easy to “reuse, reduce and recycle”! Learn how you can help care for the earth with simple tips like turning off the lights when you leave a room, shutting off the water at the sink when you are brushing your teeth, and recycling glass and plastic containers. Learn how to “upcycle” with creative projects — make a masterpiece out of everyday materials! Enjoy some special cooking activities as well.

    Week 6 (July 14-18): Animal Planet with Ms. Jessie

    Step into the wacky and wonderful world of the furry, feathery and scaly creatures who share our planet. Learn why crocodiles are more closely related to birds than they are to lizards! Admire the beauty of a bird in flight and the speed of a chasing cheetah. Be prepared to see and hear the world from the eye of an eagle and the ears of a dog. It’s a jungle out there!

    Week 7 (July 21-25): Fun & Fitness with Ms. Jessie

    Step into the rhythm of the Hula dance, move your body to the tropical sounds of Hawaii and discover the fun of being silly with your hands and feet. In a special nutritional component, discover the benefits of eating from all the food groups and drinking the right amount of water. Tropical treats keep the luau going as we learn about how to keep our bodies healthy and fit.

     Week 8 (July 28-Aug.1): Deep Sea Diving with Ms. Diana

    Did you know that a jellyfish lacks a brain and that an octopus is smart enough to open a jar? These are some of the wonderful facts of nature that you will learn as you explore the oceans with Ms. Diana. Be prepared to get your hands wet as your eyes are opened to the wonder and mystery of the oceans.

    Week 9 (Aug.4-8): Artful Antics with Ms. Diana

    Paint a picture with a potato peel and build a sculpture out of recycled boxes in this colorful, hands-on session. Be prepared to get messy, have tons of fun and create unforgettable works of art.

    Week 10 (Aug.11-15): La Fiesta with Ms. Diana

    Let the party begin! Bring your dancing feet and your appetite for traditional Mexican dishes like guacamole, churros and nachos. During this festive week we will decorate piñatas, sombreros and maracas and enjoy plenty of dancing and singing. ¡Que divertido!



Students spend their mornings learning exciting new concepts or mastering ones they have already been introduced to while participating in hands-on projects, crafts, art, games and more each afternoon! 

  • Elementary Schedule & Tuition


    7:00 Before care

    9-12:00 Morning academic work cycle

    12-1:00 Lunch and recess

    1-4:00 Afternoon extension activities

    4-5:30 After care


    All Ten Weekly Sessions (June 16-August 15)

    Full Day (9am-4pm) $2500

    Extended Day (7am-5:30pm) $3000

    Per Weekly Session

    FD (full-day) 9:00-4:00 $250

    ED (extended day) 7:00-5:30 $300


    Registration Fee $20*

    *Registration fee will be waived if child is enrolled prior to May 1

  • Elementary Session Descriptions

    Week 1 (June 9-13): Spanish with Ms. Maria

    Improve your fluency and learn Spanish essentials such as colors, numbers, dates, seasons and more. Fun, food and games will whet your appetite for all things Latin! From Central to South America to Spain and beyond, journey with us as we explore vibrant Hispanic cultures while mastering the second most widely spoken language in the world.

    Week 2 (June 16-20): Science with Ms. Erica

    Walk on eggs and make your own plastic in this fun-filled exploration of science through experiments, art, demonstrations and more.

    Week 3 (June 23-27): Spanish with Ms. Maria

    Learn vocabulary and language fundamentals through songs, skits and interactive activities. Explore Spanish and Latin American cultures and enjoy traditional treats! This week-long Spanish immersion session will allow students to broaden their language abilities and enhance their knowledge and understanding of the Spanish language. Bilingualism is a key advantage in today’s globalized society, and this week will serve to  introduce new speakers to the language and allow more seasoned speakers to keep their knowledge and abilities strong throughout the summer. Lessons will be tailored to individual abilities and learning styles. 

    Week 4 (June 30-July 3): Thinking Maps with Ms. Erica

    Not only will students master Thinking Maps, but they will do so while reinforcing concepts of core subject areas in fun and engaging ways! These maps are proven to help with comprehension and retention across all curriculum areas and grade levels. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to “Master the Maps”! 

    Week 5 (July 7-11): All-Around Academics with Ms. April

    Wouldn’t it be fun to plan your own school day? Using Montessori materials, you can either enhance what you know, or learn something new. Publish your own book, brush up on your grammar, participate in science experiments or become a mathematical whiz.  

    Week 6 (July 14-18): Writing Adventure Actor’s Studio with Ms. Marissa

    Participate in script writing, theater, improv, and other games and activities that will help you improve your acting. Write, direct and star in your own production! 

    Week 7 (July 21-25): Great Artist Discovery Camp with Ms. Angela

    Students will learn about the lives and techniques of famous artists through painting, drawing, sculpture and more. Create amazing works of art inspired by Picasso, Van Gogh, Degas, Mondrian, Matisse and more. 

    Week 8 (July 28-Aug.1): Master Mania with Ms. Angela

    Students will use mixed media and sculpture to create works of art based on mythology, architecture and history. Let your imagination run wild in this hands-on, creative session.

    Week 9 (Aug.4-8): Amazing Art in Literature with Ms. Angela

    Explore art through the famous children’s literature of Eric Carle, Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein and others in this dynamic, interactive session. Bring the creatures and characters of your favorite stories to life and produce creations of your own through a variety of artistic mediums.

    Week 10 (Aug.11-15): Literature with a Twist with Ms. Danna

    Experience a multifaceted Writer’s Workshop that delves into the connections between music, art and writing. We will use the power of music to inspire authentic writing pieces and classic and modern art to inspire our illustrations.

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