Famous Montessori Alumni

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  • Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Co-founders of Google, Inc.
  • Yo-Yo Ma, United Nations Peace Ambassador and Renowned Cellist
  • Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon, Inc.
  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Former First Lady
  • Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, Nobel Prize Winner, Novelist
  • Anne Frank, Diarist
  • Julia Child, Chef, Author and TV personality
  • President Woodrow Wilson
  • Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia
  • Will Wright, Designer of SimCity
  • Katherine Graham,  Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Former owner of Washington Post
  • Princes Harry and William
  • Peter Drucker, Author, famed Management Consultant and recipient of Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • Devi Sridhar, Youngest American Rhodes Scholar
  • Eric Cornell. PhD., Nobel ...
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Google Honors Maria Montessori

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Last Friday would have been the 142nd birthday of Maria Montessori, the first female doctor in Italy and the founder of a system of education that is now practiced in an estimated 20,000 schools worldwide.

Google.com, the all-powerful search engine, is the Internet’s most-visited site (close rivals with Facebook, natch); an estimated 700 million saw the Google doodle celebrating Montessori’s birth last Friday (August 31, 2012). Perhaps one of them was in India, searching for the latest movie times; or in ...

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