Young Minds in Bloom

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Spring is in full swing in our Outdoor Classroom. Here are updates from their blog:

She comes in like a lion, and hopefully goes out like a lamb. Welcome to March! March has one foot in winter, one foot in spring. What will it be? Spring manages to bring out the artists in our children, as you can see!


“Creativity and imagination are the keys to producing life-long learners,” according to Robert and Michelle Root-Bernstein, Sparks of Genius. Art allows the children to imagine what their minds can see and do. Our outdoor world is full of young talent, waiting to be discovered. The children have been finding that worms and insects are ready for spring. They have been great detectives at finding these little creatures. You will always find the building blocks of learning in our outdoor world. There are many ways our children can improve their concentration, learn problem-solving skills, and piece together how things work. In the garden we practice:

1. eye-hand coordination for improving motor skills

2. measuring, scooping and discovering

3. reading, discussing and observing

Our garden has been planted, and the children are waiting for the fruits of their labor. Praying mantis eggs were added this past week in the chrysalis you see pictured. The praying mantis is a beautiful insect with a voracious appetite which feeds on harmful insects that invade our garden. These hatchlings will help to control pests the organic way!

Knowledge is power and education is priceless!

Remember, learning is endless!


Ms. Val, Ms. Marian & Ms. Kim

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