Allison Gallagher, FMS Class of ‘10

Allison Gallagher started her FMS education when she was 4 years old, entering the preschool program and then completing all of her elementary and middle school years on campus.

Favorite FMS Memories

My favorite memory is having Ms. Erica and Ms. Lindsey as my teachers in fifth grade. I don’t think anything was more fun than that year with all of us together. Between the ‘Ellis Island Experience’ and the lock-in that we all collaboratively planned, that year was probably the most fun I’ve ever had in school.

Recent/Current School Activities

I was active in the National Charity League from the middle of seventh grade through the end of high school. I also played softball for two years in high school, in addition to a year of high school cheerleading.

I have been a sales associate at J.Crew since my freshman year of college and I am now currently a Keyholder (manager).  My freshman year I began writing for a hockey website and through that, I was offered a Head Intern position with the Arizona Coyotes Hockey Team. I am currently in my second season as a public relations intern with more important responsibilities.  Phoenix has so many fantastic opportunities for me.  My freshman year, I was able to work with a company that plans all of the events coordinating with the Super Bowl and had the opportunity to be an area manager. Many of my summers were spent working at FMS as a camp counselor, so I know many of the faces there!

Favorite Subject


Favorite Hobbies/Activities

Other than watching hockey (though, I get to spend most of my time watching hockey as part of my job ), I love being with my friends and family, and I also love working. When you are doing something you love, it truly doesn’t feel like work

Future Plans

I will be graduating in April 2017 with a BA in Communications and a minor in Sports Management and I hope to be working in public relations for a sports team. I have worked in public relations for two years as an intern, so I have had so many unique experiences. Who knows what next year could look like for me, but it is incredibly exciting to think about it!

Favorite Thing About Montessori

The close-knit environment with teachers that truly care about you and having the privilege of learning from teachers like Ms. Erica and Ms. Maija shaped my brain into what it is today. They taught me so many different styles of learning which I still apply to my everyday life, as well as my college classes. So many of the concepts and learning styles really make sense to me now.