Individual Ownership of Learning

We are pulling from our archives today to see what Individual Ownership of Learning really means. 

When parents are choosing Montessori education for their child, they are trusting their child to take his learning into this own hands. The environment is designed to allow students to discover and learn on their own. The materials are self-correcting and are used until the child says, “I did it.”

This type of learning is very different from traditional learning. In a traditional learning environment, information is housed with the teacher. The teacher instructs the child in what is important to learn and through rote effort, the child memorizes information. To confirm that the student learned the information necessary, the student takes a written test. Weeks later, though, students have often forgotten or have a diminished memory of what they were taught.

In the Montessori environment children discover themselves so information and learning is housed within them. They may then draw connections between the newly learned information and other topics and events in their lives.

On the site, and article highlights one family’s experience with individual ownership of learning. In seeing their son, Wyatt’s, newly developed writing skills, his parents questions, “Who taught Wyatt how to write?” Wyatt’s response, “I did.”