Robyn Myers, FMS Class of ‘13

Robyn Myers became an FMS student in 2004, entering the kindergarten program upon relocating from California. She is currently a senior at GVHS dedicated to her academics and servicing the community.

Favorite FMS Memories

After spending the first five years of my life surrounded by countless relatives in California, my family decided to pack our lives into cardboard boxes and move to Nevada.  Adjusting to this new life may have been impossible without the environment at Foothills Montessori School. This close-knit community created a support system that resembled a family atmosphere. From kindergarten through eighth grade the student body remained constant, allowing me to learn algebra alongside the students I had learned to write the alphabet with.

Recent/Current School Activities

Robyn, a Senior at Green Valley High School, is graduating from the International Baccalaureate program in June 2017.  She is on track to be one of four Valedictorians out of a class of 800 students. Robyn volunteers weekly at St. Rose Hospital and the Green Valley Library.  She also is tutoring Syrian, Iraqi and Burmese refugees on a weekly basis.

Future Plans

Robyn is interested in becoming a Neurosurgeon and pursuing her undergraduate degree at Tufts, University of Chicago or Columbia University.

Favorite Thing About Montessori

Until high school, I had never heard a school bell, known how to calculate GPA’s, or sat in the typical school desk. I am thankful for this. While at the time I didn’t know it, the purpose of this atypical experience was to make me think sideways. Instead of a bell, teachers orally dismissed students when our lesson was over. This taught me to take my time learning and value depth over breadth. Not having standard grades made me focus on the content, teaching me to learn because I wanted to, not because I had to. Sitting at tables rather than desks led to discussions with other students where we would break down our lessons and examine them from different perspectives. This environment taught me to embrace individual opinions and value collaboration over competition. Montessori taught me to embrace my curious nature and shaped the way I learn and interact with others. It created a foundation for who I am today, and I am beyond grateful.