Our son’s first school experience has blessed us beyond our deepest desires and expectations. He comes home happy, confident and excited … He tells us he is learning science, math, reading, writing … and then he breaks out in song.

Kathy NFMS Parent

From primary to middle school, my son thrives here at FMS. For our whole family, being a part of this enchanting community was definitely the right choice.

Tallah TracyFMS Parent

Know that what you have provided for our son has established a deep foundation for all future learning. You have made such a difference in both his and our lives.

Mary Ann BFMS Parent

I love the gardens … They plant strawberries, while at the same time not compromising their academics.

Sarah SpoorFMS Parent

They go through great measures to get the highest quality teachers they can get. The academic level is startling.

Matt RybaFMS Parent

The academic opportunities that are ahead for my children are amazing. This school was a gift for my family.

LaRae WallaceFMS Parent


I loved the Shakespeare plays we put on with the entire class. From the teachers who plied me with hundreds of books to the trips to Catalina Island, FMS shaped how I saw the world and how I fit into it.

Isabelle B.FMS Alumni

From the pink tower in primary to dissections in middle school, FMS encourages confidence in yourself in your work.

MaddieFMS Student

For the three years I have been here, Foothills has come to be my home.

JavidFMS Student

This school has helped turn me into the individual that I was always meant to be and has nurtured my personality for a brighter future. This school has an amazing aura about it, where teachers and students connect and students become the best of friends.

SpencerFMS Student

Every day I look forward to school because I know a day of fun and learning is awaiting me. I am ready to move on to high school because this school has prepared me so well. In 20 years, when I have a job that I enjoy and look forward to everyday, I will look back to my upper elementary and middle school years, and will give thanks for everything I had.

NoelaniFMS Student

This school has instilled such a thirst for knowledge in me over the past nine years and I am very lucky to have had the amazing opportunity to embark on the Montessori Journey.

RobynFMS Student

I have been at FMS for a very long time now and I think that FMS is way more than just a school. It is about friends, comfort, family and an amazing learning environment. Our school is so unique and definitely sends the kids off in the right direction. I see the graduates come back to visit and they are all so successful — that says a lot!

IsabellaFMS Student