Middle School

Our middle school program prepares children to succeed in the most challenging secondary educational systems.

Students can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities such as speech, engineering competitions and spelling bees. Middle school students can also hone leadership skills and teamwork by getting involved in student council, where they lead various community service projects.

Middle School Memories

2015 Graduation Speech

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The Environment

A safe and empowering environment provides the ideal setting for this stage of often dramatic personal change and growth. Multi-age grouping encourages cooperation over competition and allows children to advance to higher levels according to their own timeframe.

The Curriculum

A dynamic composite of textbooks, lectures, in-depth research, computer software, hands-on learning and valuable life skills emphasizes critical thinking and self-expression. An extensive curriculum encompassing science, history, geography, social studies and more promotes high level thinking and establishes a permanent knowledge base. Complete mastery of subject matter is supported through peer and teacher study sessions, encouraging accountability, self-motivation and a strong work ethic.

Beyond the Classroom

An emphasis is placed on community service and helping others. Field trips, outdoor gardens and guest speakers complement the curriculum.

A Typical Day

By Alex, Grade 7

8:15 AM: Community Meeting/Forum. I come to forum where our class meets as a group and one of my classmates is assigned to take roll. After our group leader makes announcements, we are given the opportunity to acknowledge and voice recent accomplishments.
9:15 AM: Language Arts. We meet in a small group to discuss books that we are reading. We are currently reading Pig Man and discussing idioms. One of my favorite books this year has been Fahrenheit 451. Ms. Arlene provides interesting background and historical information as it relates to the book that we are studying. Much of our work includes discussion, grammatical skills, vocabulary and spelling.
10:00 AM: I begin my independent seat work on ancient history and/or life science. Many times it includes working on related projects and activities that support our studies. Often times, I take the opportunity to learn Chinese through Rosetta Stone. Using images and dialogues, I work at my own pace. While it is a difficult language to learn, I enjoy using the program.
11:15 AM: Geometry. I’m currently working on proving triangles are congruent using various theories. What I really think is unique about my math program is that we can learn at our own pace, while being constantly challenged to do my best.
12:00-12:30 Lunch.
1:00 PM: Personal Reflection. This is an opportunity to journal. It also allows me a chance to relax and reflect on the day’s activities. Regrouping for the remainder of the day!
1:15 PM: Life Science where I am studying heredity, genes and DNA. We recently made a DNA ladder and explored messenger RNA. Our next unit includes going on a cloning web quest to determine the impact it may have on our future.
1:30 PM: Physical Education. I recently had a basketball unit where we worked on the fundamentals like: dribbling, shooting, and passing.
 2:30 PM: Ancient History. Our class recently had an Ancient Greek dinner where I arrived as Plato. Each of my classmates attended as a different character and provided a prepared report in character.

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