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Language Part 2

Today we’re on part two of our Language in the Montessori Classroom series. One of the first language tools used in a more formal lesson with the preschool students, are the sandpaper letters. The sounds are grouped together, so that eventually when the sounds are learned, the student will be able to build a word […]

Language Part 1

Today we begin a five part series on Language in the Montessori Classroom. Acquisition of language skills begins long before a a child sets foot into school. The sound of the mother’s voices cues the ears and brain of a developing child to the lifelong interaction of the child listening to the human voice. As […]

Volcanoes – Part 2

In addition to understanding the science behind volcanoes, Upper Elementary students took a broader, social view of the effects of communities living near volcanic sites. Stratovolcano or cinder cone volcanoes are potentially much more dangerous to live near when they blow their tops, than living near a shield volcano where lava is oozing out the crown instead of […]

Volcanoes – Part 1

For the last three months, “volcanology” has been on the minds of Upper Elementary students and their teachers. The foundation of their volcano studies began with an understanding of plate tectonics. On Earth, there are seven or eight major plates (depending on how they are defined)and many minor plates. Our students investigated 16 different plates. Where plates meet, their […]

Montessori Math: Part 3

Today we conclude our look at Montessori Math.  By the time a student has transversed fundamental math concepts, and is entering FMS middle school (7th & 8th grade); they are amply prepared for experiencing pre-algebra, algebra and pre-geometry. Not only do the students perceive the “why” behind the concept presented, there is a context in their minds for […]

Montessori Math: Part 2

In Lower Elementary (6-9 years old), students explore operations using the checkerboard (multiplication), racks and tubes (division), and also using the bead frames to bring home the concepts of place value and manipulating numbers to solve 4 and 5 digit equations. Multiplication boards are employed for learning math facts, first in a tangible way and […]

Montessori Math: Part One

Today we begin a blog series on Montessori Math. For our first addition we will be discussing Montessori Math in the Primary years. The Montessori Math program at FMS is a pathway to a deep, concrete and useful relationship with the power and recognition of numbers and their corresponding values. One of the early math works for […]

The Great Kindness Challenge

The Great Kindness Challenge is dedicated to creating and experiencing a culture of kindness on campuses nationwide. [button url=”https://foothillsmontessori.com/thegreatkindnesschallenge/” target=”blank” size=”small” style=”cherry” icon=”” popup=”” title=””]READ MORE[/button]

The Great Kindness Challenge

The Great Kindness Challenge is dedicated to creating and experiencing a culture of kindness on campuses nationwide. All FMS students received a Great Kindness Challenge checklist with 50 kind deeds suggested. Nearly two million students in 3,639 schools across the country participated in the challenge; each one bringing the power and focus of doing kind […]