School Leader

Krista is a dedicated teacher and learner, known for her growth mindset not only in the classroom but in the corporate setting. She has advanced knowledge of childhood development and education, which has led to effective teaching styles such as Reggio Emilia and Maria Montessori, resulting in students’ love of learning and understanding.  She has had extensive leadership training, as she has served at the management and director level for several large businesses. Krista’s teaching experience includes 15 years of teaching positions working as a preschool teacher, reading teacher, PE teacher, and athletic director for preschool-8th grade. Most recently, Krista has been a co-teacher in the E5 classroom here at Foothills Montessori School.  Krista earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Radford University and completed her Master Teacher Permit in Monterey, CA. She has been a part of our team for two years, and she understands the special, close-knit community of FMS.


Assistant School Leader

With 11 years of experience in education, Danna joined the FMS teaching staff in 2008. She has a BS in Psychology and an M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction. She trained at the Columbia Teacher’s College with Lucy Calkins, founder of “The Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project.” Danna also has experience with special needs children. Danna’s favorite thing about the Montessori method is that “we honor the children by attending to their individual learning needs. The children that attend our school have a unique and important perspective of our world. The materials and the child-led lessons create independent thinkers and life-long learners.”


FMS Operations

Ms. Ale has been part of our community for several years as a parent. Now she joins us as a staff member with a wealth of knowledge. Her Montessori journey began when she was in kindergarten and continued through sixth grade. Following high school graduation, she earned a bachelor of science degree in industrial engineering and a global leadership certificate. Since earning her degrees, she has had a diverse career in international business, entrepreneurship, and full-time parenting. An avid reader, she believes in the power of education and believes it propels us to be all we can be. She says, “I love teaching because I see great potential in every child, and it fills my heart with joy to have the opportunity to help them see and believe in their greatness.”


FMS Admissions

In 2005, FMS was fortunate to have Katie come on board not only to manage the front desk and provide invaluable support to the Executive Director, but she also came to FMS with over 10 years nursing experience in a local hospital. Katie holds a BS in Nursing and brings a seasoned eye to the student body as she attends diligently to any medical needs that arise. Having her children attend FMS over the years has been a joy for her as she has watched them grow in “accountability, responsibility and has nurtured their love for learning.”


FMS Admissions

Joining FMS in 2011, Lora brings a dedicated and watchful eye to the management of the front desk. With a teaching background, she understands the school environment and the needs of the student body. Always ready to lend a helping hand, Lora brings a steady and practical touch to all of her encounters. An avid reader, Lora’s favorite feature of the Montessori school environment is to observe “the mutual respect found between students and their teachers.”