Angela Drew, Art Specialist

“Angela is such a dedicated teacher, always striving to concurrently provide new artistic projects with relevant lessons of history. She reaches each child on an individual level, so it is no surprise to see every one of them gravitate to her loving, open heart. Angela is a master of drawing students in and there is no doubt that we are a better school for it!”

Erica Sherlock E1 Head Teacher

“I’m so fortunate to work with such a warm and loving person whose passion for art is felt not only by the children, but by the teachers, as well.”

Pauline WellP4 Support Teacher

“Inmensamente admirada por alumnos y profesores.”

Yasnay FigueredoE3 Spanish Immersion/Support Teacher

“Ms. Angela has a gift for helping every child develop and express their unique artistic natures through activities that are infused with captivating stories and amazing historical facts!”

Nina JacobiE3 Head Teacher

“Not only is Angela a great artist, but a wonderful teacher, as well. Her art lessons in Primary are always well-prepared, thoughtful, imaginative and fun! The children are always excited to see her!”

Melissa EckesP2 Head Teacher

“Angela has wonderfully creative lessons and a nurturing spirit. The children adore her.”

Valerie DeCrescenzoOutdoor Classroom Specialist

“Angela is the best! She is sweet and energetic and you can tell she truly loves what she does. The children always listen to her lessons closely and feel proud of their art projects”

Kat KlehmP4 Head Teacher

“We get to do fun art projects with her.”

MichaelP3 Student

“She reads the story very clear.”

DylanP3 Student

“I love her.”

BenP3 Student

“She’s a great teacher.”

MylesP3 Student

“She lets us do art projects on our own.”

KateP3 Student

“She loves Art”

WillowP3 Student

“Her pictures of art are super beautiful.”

RyanP3 Student

“She is artistic and kind.”

HimmatE4 Student

“She is creative.”

EmeryE4 Student

“Ms. Angela is funny when she tells us the story about the sweet tooth and she is good at the voice of the sweet tooth.”

BenE4 Student