Isabelle Bellinghausen, FMS Class of ’07

Isabelle began attending FMS as a first grade student. After graduating, she made her mark on Green Valley High School. She is now studying English and French at UNLV.

Favorite FMS Memories

I loved the Shakespeare plays we put on with the entire class. While my peers in freshman year of high school struggled to unlock the iambic pentameter of Romeo and Juliet, I felt as if I’d already learned how to read and appreciate the great bard eons ago. I fell in love with a donkey as Queen Titania, I escaped to the woods with Lysander as Hermia, I courted the unattainable Bianca in Taming of the Shrew, I stabbed my best friend in the back as Brutus, and I aided the lovestruck Juliet as her nurse. After you have acted out one of Shakespeare’s great works, it becomes a part of you. I feel that way about FMS too. It became a part of me. From the teachers (i.e. Ms. Arlene) who plied me with hundreds of books to the trips to Catalina Island, FMS shaped how I saw the world and how I fit into it.

High School Activities & Accomplishments

I was the opinion editor of the award-winning Investigator newspaper my junior year, and its editor-in-chief my senior year. I was a thrower of discus and shot-put all four years and I lettered in it my last three years (I was also a scholar athlete because of my good grades and lettering). I was in all AP classes including AP chemistry, U.S. Government, U.S. History, English Literature, English Language and World History. I kept a 3.9 unweighted GPA and was named top English student of my graduating class.

Future Plans

I plan to graduate from UNLV in 2015 as an English and French double major. I’m hoping to spend my entire junior year studying abroad in Pau, France, and am contemplating the Peace Corps after graduation.