Lower El Visits Gilcrease Orchard

Last week the Lower Elementary classes went on a fun- and sun-filled field trip to Gilcrease Orchard, 60 acres of fruits, vegetables and good old-fashioned dirt right here in Las Vegas.

Vickie Winkel, Head Teacher from E2, reports:

“We had such a great time on this field trip! We had the chance to pick Golden Delicious and Granny Smith apples. We were pulled around the farm by a big tractor — what a great hayride! We stopped halfway through the ride and did a “hay bale” maze — the kids loved it! We also visited the refrigeration room where they store the things they grow on the farm, learned about the compost piles and visited the cider press room.”

For tons of adorable pictures, make sure to check out the Classroom News (for FMS Parents only).

Of course, Lower El doesn’t get to have all the fun! This week, Upper Elementary is having the times of their lives, learning all about marine biology at the Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI). The last we heard, they successfully landed on the island and are now happily exploring the institute as well as the ocean depths — we recently received a picture of a freshly caught eel! Next week, watch for a report from Amy Sandqvist with more details.