Madelyn Hoggan, FMS Class of ‘14

Madelyn Hoggan started her FMS education when she was 4 years old entering the preschool program, followed by completing all of her elementary and middle school years on campus.

Favorite FMS Memory

In the early grades, every school year began with a balloon filled with glitter popping and a long piece of rope stretched across the school. The balloon represented the Big Bang while the rope represented the Earth and its timeline from the beginning of its existence to the present. I was encouraged to question this demonstration along with everything else I was taught. My questioning nature persists to this day and is a major part of my personality. The unique way I was able to express myself at school allowed me to develop a deep passion for learning.

Recent/Current School Activities

At Coronado High School, I was a part of the swim team my freshman year and was on the Boulder City/Henderson swim team. My sophomore year of high school, I joined Mu Alpha Theta, which is a math tutoring club to help other students succeed in math by giving them one on one peer tutoring. I also spent time volunteering at Roos n’ More Zoo where I was able to interact with animals and provide public education during events. My junior year of high school, I started volunteering at Sunrise Hospital. I provide patients with magazines and other personal items. All of my volunteer experiences have led me to want to use my engineering degree to find people and communities that are generally overlooked and find ways to help them.

Favorite Subject

I have always loved math and how it can be used every day to understand the world. One of my favorite memories at school was discovering how to multiply double-digit numbers with specially designed Montessori blocks that allowed me to physically see and feel how multiplication works. I loved lessons that were structured in a way that emphasized understanding the reasons behind a concept rather than memorization.

Future Plans

I have accepted admission to the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. I will be in the Honors Program which focuses on the impact engineers make around the world, and the ethics and responsibilities related to engineering.

Favorite Thing About Montessori

I specifically credit my Montessori education with my success throughout high school and in my college application process. A very unique aspect of many students that graduate from Foothills Montessori is the love of learning. Even some of my friends, who are valedictorians and very academically successful, do not necessarily love school or learning.  At Foothills Montessori, students are respected and given a voice which fosters critical thinking, awareness of the whole world, and independence. The sacrifice that parents make to send their kids to Foothills Montessori is considerable, but the benefits are lifelong.