Rosie Bushbaum, E2 Head Teacher

“Rosie is someone I look up to; she is an amazing and dedicated teacher. Her number one priority is always the children. ”

Yesenia Quintero P1 Head Teacher

“I have known Rosie for many years. She has always given a great deal of encouragement, kindness and love to  all her students and her peers. She is a wealth of knowledge and the FMS  family has made a great a choice in this wonderful  teacher.”

Valerie DeCrescenzoOutdoor Classroom Specialist

“Rosie has such a wealth of Montessori knowledge!  Before she joined the Lower Elementary team, she was a valued member of the Primary community. She always had the most beautiful and interesting Practical Life activities in her classroom and an amazing array of language jobs.”

Melissa EckesP2 Head Teacher

“Rosie is the poster child for what you would call a dedicated teacher. She was one of my Montessori trainers and I learned such a wealth of information from her. She is calm, considerate and methodical in her teaching. She is amazing! Everyone loves Ms. Rosie!”

Kat KlehmP4 Head Teacher

“Rosie is one of the most lovely, dedicated and sweet people I have the pleasure to work with”

Pauline WellP4 Support Teacher

“Rosie is the best assistant during Physical Education. She is attentive, involved and embodies the definition of being a caring and loving teacher while maintaining her sense of humor. Rosie, thank you for all of your help. I love teaching P.E, with your help”

Angela WarrenPhysical Education Specialist

“She’s kind and very helpful.”


“She’s really nice and good at teaching.”


“She teaches me really challenging works.”