Primary Starts Off Right

Let’s peek into the window of P3, where primary students are already making friends and learning new things:

“We are having so much fun getting to know your wonderful children. We love our new friends already! We spent the first week easing into the school routine. We will spend the next few weeks of school building our classroom community, getting to know one another, learning important social skills and practicing all of our school routines.


Our goal is to take the time to explain the daily steps needed for our children to truly succeed. We have found that children progress much faster throughout the school year, and accomplish much more academically, if we take the time at the beginning to model and practice appropriate behaviors. We will teach children how to get along with one another and solve problems in a peaceful and respectful manner. We want every child to feel a sense of belonging and of course have fun!

We are working hard at building independence and responsibility. The children are practicing the morning routine of putting their lunch box in their cubbie, washing their hands, choosing a work, and putting their finished work in their file folders. During snack time, the children are serving themselves, cleaning their snack area and getting to know each other through daily conversations during snack.

Our returning students are doing a wonderful job being role models to our new students and helping and guiding them throughout the day. We are thrilled to be spending our year with your children. It is going to be a full year of growth, friendship and laughter!

This month’s themes are: Safety and Community Building, Health and Nutrition, Living vs Non-living, Land and Water. In addition, each month the children will be doing self-portraits to display on the wall. The children had a great time looking into a mirror and drawing themselves. We have some very proud artists!”

— P3 Teachers

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