Dear FMS Parents

Traditionally, the State of the School letter is an opportunity to reflect upon fond memories, goals attained, and campus-wide achievements. It is a time to share with FMS families the promise and plans for the year to come. We must first, however, acknowledge that this is not a traditional year. We know that with each day, there is a haze of uncertainty that hangs over our community and I am abundantly aware of the hardships our families have faced over the past 11 months. Although times have been difficult, our focus has never shifted from what is most important: meeting the emotional, social, and academic needs of our students.

To find direction during these uncertain times, I knew exactly where I needed to look: the children. Our students have shown incredible resilience throughout this pandemic, and we are so very proud.  Maria Montessori believed that to truly honor children you had to observe them, simply being children.  We have watched as our students have adapted, trusted, participated, and enjoyed their time on campus. Having the opportunity to see our students enter their classrooms each day renews our commitment to keeping children in school for in-person learning.  We will continue to uphold every precaution to maintain our current model and we are steadfast in our resolve to be a stable and reliable source of normalcy for your children. It is important to remember that these circumstances are not permanent.  Someday soon, we will all be together again at Fall Festivals and Fun Runs, for field trips and class celebrations, and when that day comes, we will celebrate the trials we have overcome and the incredible opportunities the future holds.

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge in this letter the incredible work and dedication of our teachers and staff. Our team is such a positive presence in the lives of your children. Their willingness to work in these uncertain times to provide meaningful learning opportunities, while keeping positive attitudes, is simply inspiring. To say that I am proud of the accomplishments our team has made would be a huge understatement; they are truly remarkable!

And finally, where would we be without the unwavering dedication of our families? We understand the commitment and faith it takes to deliver your children to us each day under such straining circumstances, and we are humbled by the level of trust you have placed in us. Finding the words to express our feelings as we look back on this year is no small task, so I will simply say “thank you” on behalf of the entire faculty. Foothills Montessori School has always been a place where families have come to raise their children, easily finding friendship and community along the way.  We look forward to the day when all families can once again walk through the front gates and come together to build and strengthen our extraordinary community.


Kim Gallagher