What’s In Store for Summer Camp at Foothills: Spanish

Looking for a relaxed and meaningful environment for your child to spend some of their hot days of summer? Let them immerse themselves in the cool space of Summer Camp at Foothills Montessori School, where learning and fun intersect. Give them the opportunity to sharpen academic skills in a relaxed and creative way!

To kick off the summer program, Spanish camp comes knocking giving your child the chance to be more fluid in conversational Spanish. Newcomers to the language, as well as fluent speakers, will benefit from the Montessori approach to learning Spanish by utilizing a range of Montessori materials to explore the grammar backbone of the language. A key component of learning a second language is to hear it spoken in context of conversations; your child will have this chance by the songs, videos and games that will be brought to the classroom. They will walk away with a more refined understanding of the language knowing how to express every day greetings, describe the weather, and translate numbers, colors and class room objects.

A second Spanish camp is offered to travel to various Spanish speaking countries in the world. Each day will introduce a different country and give your child the chance to feast their eyes, ears and taste buds on the wonderful artistic, historical and food cuisines of the countries studied. Guest speakers will bring in artifacts and share real life experiences about the country studied. The week will close out with a live Mariachi group from a local High School performing for the class.

Look for more highlights from our summer camp curriculum in upcoming posts!