Art in October

From Ms. Angela’s art blog: “As you may have guessed, the students at Foothills Montessori are busy creating amazing works of art. Each time I walk into a classroom, I look around at all these shining faces and watch them continually challenge themselves to produce works that show their intelligence and creativity.


“The fall has brought all sorts of amazing lessons. In the Primary classroom, we have worked on color and shape. Primary parents may have noticed their children spinning colorful tops or creating rectangles by making teeth out of clay. This week, we used spices to add tone to funny little faces after reading a story entitled, The Color of Us.

“Lower Elementary has begun to learn about artists like Picasso and Modigliani by creating exaggerated super heroes. We’ve discovered a new way to make delicious looking sweet treats by constructing clay cupcakes. Artists like Thiebaud helped to inspire our non-sugary confections.

“In Upper Elementary students have been studying the Middle Ages and Renaissance with projects that include modern twists on stained glass and illuminations. Look for amazing personal castle construction in the next few weeks as we study ancient castles and cathedrals.

“After our Middle School students completed their kinetic sculptures, we began a little facial reconstruction. Using mannequin heads, the students are challenging themselves with creating recycled portraits. You wouldn’t believe what they can accomplish with a few plastic spoons and old water bottles.”

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Foothills Montessori School is a private Montessori school serving families in Henderson, Las Vegas and Southern Nevada.