Finding Inspiration

In Ms. Angela’s art class, students created art inspired by graffiti, Renaissance apothecary shops, architecture, the holiday season and more! Check out her blog and pictures below:

“Winter is here and we are busy creating in every classroom. FMS Students are working hard on beautiful pieces that would inspire any artist to create. I am always amazed by their perspective and ability to take on any project whether they are 3 or 13 years of age.

In Middle School, students are completing a graffiti-inspired piece. After some discussion about the nature of graffiti and the debate of art vs. vandalism, students began a chipboard piece using acrylic paint. The diversity is remarkable!

In Upper Elementary, children completed clay relief medallions with India ink and rubbing alcohol. I’m sure you’ll agree that the results are beautiful. We’ve also discussed the role of the apothecary during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Students created small glass necklaces based on apothecary jars and bottles.


In Lower Elementary, students were tasked with creating some holiday-inspired pieces. Perspective snowmen  and Romero Britto reindeer are everywhere! The pieces are both colorful and unique. The students’ use of perspective and design shows their mastery of the concepts presented.

In Primary, we have seen architectural renderings and unique line drawings. Our discussion of line has included construction and direction. We have even discussed line as emotion. It’s so impressive to see how easily inspired by literature they are. Recent books include Iggy Peck Architect and Lines that Wiggle.

I am really looking forward to beginning new projects based on Mehndi, Frankenthaler and DaVinci in 2014!”

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